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Jill M.

In 2016, my wife and I decided to relocate from Woodlea Manor in Leesburg, and as such retained the services of JC to sell our house. Initially we were considering getting our house ready for sale, but JC provided detailed information on the market trends, selling seasons, and based on this we decided to sell in the prime housing season in the spring. JC, on his own accord, hired an interior decorator to assist us in deciding what renovations we best to drive maximum market value. At the same time, he was very cost conscious in what would would value versus what would not, maximizing our net gain. We felt that JC also did an excellent job at valuation against the market, pricing our property correctly. His marketing skills were terrific, hitting direct and indirect channels, as well as highlighting features of our house, neighborhood, and community. JC provided consistent followup with prospective buyers, their agents, and expertly dealt with buyers whom might be considered questionable. Once we sold our property, JC also assisted us in identifying rental properties as we awaited the construction of our new home. He did this on his own accord, probably because he is just a honest, trustworthy individual who is very sincere. I would absolutely, without question, utilize JC for any home purchase or sale. We fully trust his judgement, expertise and professionalism. Simply put, you cannot go wrong if you decide to work with JC.

Lauren G.

I worked with JC and his wife Vianne while away on military duty. While I was in Boston, JC provided the neighborhood knowledge I needed in order to narrow my search, find a good fit, and understand the different areas I was looking at. JC and Vianne were both very flexible with schedules and even offered to tour the homes and take pictures themselves on days when I could not be present. They both came to understand what I was looking for in a layout, finishes, and neighborhood. This allowed them to pick out only the top contenders for showings, as not to waste any time during my short visits to Virginia. We would discuss the options thoroughly, to include the reliability of certain builders, the future value of the home, and quality of the school systems. JC negotiated the final sale of my home fairly, and I feel I received a good deal on a home that I continue to love. Vianne even stopped by on moving day to deliver a housewarming gift. After the sale, JC and Vianne made themselves readily available for any questions I had regarding my first home, to include different resources I may need in the future (i.e. credible plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians). I can tell they both look at clients as long-term, rather than deal-and-done. If I ever plan on selling this home, I will definitely be using JC and Vianne.

Karen L.

Thinking ahead to retirement in a few years, my husband and I contacted JC about a year ago to talk about what actions or changes we might need to consider when we are ready to sell out home of nearly 30 years. He was extremely positive, and within a day, actually identified a prospective buyer who were looking for a home like ours. We were in shock! Although we were about to go through with it, a series of changes on both buyer and seller side, we set the sale aside for awhile. That all changed in the fall, when my husband and I felt we were ready to sell, and JC made it happen! It was in fact the same wonderful young family that he had originally referred, and he guided us both through all the steps along the way to sell both our homes. JC was a delight to work with! He was extremely professional, competent, knowledgeable, patient (we needed that!), and always with a smile and sense of humor. He and his lovely wife Vianne helped lessen the pain of selling our beloved family home so that we could be ready for the next phase of our lives. I would 200% recommend him.

Marty & Val K.

Include a talk with JC Silvey before choosing a real estate agent We have bought and sold a few homes over the years and have worked with many different real estate professionals. We are also fortunate to have several good friends that work in the industry. We spoke with several different agents during the early stages of the sale of our home in Woodlea Manor Hills in Leesburg. We found the approach used by JC Silvey to be clearly unique. He quickly understood and tailored his service offerings to our situation. His unique approach made it an easy decision that he was the right person to help us with the sale of our home. We could include a long list of things we feel JC does that are excellent and several that we found to be unique. We trust you will see the differences for yourself when you speak with him and even more if you decide to have him help with your transaction.

Karen M.

For us, JC’s strength was his deep knowledge of the Northern Virginia real estate market, in particular, the Leesburg market. He has his finger on the pulse of the market and has a wide range of contacts that he uses to find interest in your property. JC was there for us from the very beginning, offering advice on the pros and cons of selling versus not selling at various times of the year. He brought in a staging professional that offered reasonable suggestions for staging our home. Together, we discussed and agreed on improvements to make to our home before the sale. Finally, when we received an offer, he provided advice and counsel on whether to accept the offer and then took care of all the details associated with taking the sale to closing. Our house was sold before it was officially listed for sale and I think JC was largely responsible for that outcome. Thanks, JC.

Bob & Mary P.

From the time he sat down with us to explore the sale of our Woodlea Manor home of nearly 20 years, we knew we would sign-on with JC. His consummate professionalism and deep knowledge of the Leesburg, Virginia, market convinced us that he was a cut above your typical real-estate broker. Indeed, after our first two contracts fell through (the second a week before closing), JC picked up all the pieces and offered sound advice. He then expedited a third offer at a fair price that brought our selling experience to a timely conclusion. For those looking to sell in this unpredictable market, we highly recommend JC, as his attentiveness to all the aspects of the process that made all the difference in getting to the finish line.

Robert P.

Our buying experience with JC was fantastic. His deep real estate expertise and thorough knowledge of the Loudon County market, were critical in finding the best home that met our needs. JC immediately developed a personal and trusted relationship with my family, which was critical because we lived several hours from Leesburg. His attention to detail, ability to negotiate, and persistence to create the best buying experience were extraordinary. After we were under contract, JC continued to be incredibly involved and available. Even after our closing, JC consistently checks in to see how things are, and is always willing to offer a helping hand. We highly recommend JC, and confident you will have an amazing experience.

Ryan M.

It was our pleasure to have worked with JC! He is extremely knowledgeable with the process and "in tune" with the local market. JC keeps abreast of weekly changes in the real estate market, and is able to easily relate them. His availability when questions came up was appreciated, with answers readily provided, and appropriate advice given. His professionalism was also appreciated, including his ability to provide aerial footage of our home to support the listing, and his ability to "keep it real." I can confidently say that he worked very hard to assist us in selling our home, and will do the same for you in selling your home or getting you into a new-to-you home.

Robert P.

Our experience working with JC in selling our home of 20+ years was outstanding. He was patient, knowledgeable, flexible, and extremely responsive at every turn in the process. He clearly understood and addressed our personal needs and situation. JC's advice and expertise (both general and specific) with current market, trends, pricing, preparation to sell, etc. was absolutely on-target for the entire process. We could not have asked for better support before, during, and after the sale of our home and for helping us find, negotiate and flawlessly settle into our beautiful new home. Extremely pleased.

Karen C.

JC was very professional and did a great job selling our home. He created a video using a drone of the exterior of the home and utilized social media to advertise our home weeks before we were planning on listing on MLS. He was able to present a full price offer without listing on MLS. The whole process was smooth until the buyers experienced a glitch just prior to closing the deal. JC was able to help facilitate an extension and then carefully watched and engaged as needed to help seal the deal. I would highly recommend his services to sellers.

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