Drone Video of Woodlea Manor Pool

This weekend marks the beginning of the summer pool season in many neighborhoods here in Northern Virginia.  Woodlea Manor is proud to debut the opening of a new kids pool along with multiple water features.  The 15 x 25 kids pool features a beach like “walk-in” entrance that gradually increases in depth, along with 2 fountains in the middle.   The main pool has added a ten foot, curved slide that is positioned at the deep end.

Over the past few years, the Woodlea Manor HOA has made a concerted effort to add and improve the amenities that are offered to the homeowners.  The neighborhood has always been aesthetically appealing with its wide streets and entrance lined with  River Birch trees.  Key investments such as the new kids pool, however, are directed at a younger demographic that is crucial to Woodlea Manor’s growth.  The HOA has also added a new playground and made upgrades and improvements to the tennis courts and club house.

Alex Cudaback, who sat on the HOA Board two years ago and was an early advocate for the improvements says, “It means so much to see the Board and the community as a whole supporting this kind of improvement.  It’s important to remember, it’s not just for families whose younger kids will get to use it: it’s a community investment that will benefit all homeowners.”

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