Have you ever searched the internet to see what your Woodlea Manor house is worth? Have you used an internet site such as Zillow? Did it confirm your thoughts or shatter your hopes?

At least once a week a conversation starts with “Zillow says my Woodlea Manor house is worth ___.”   Zillow has done a fantastic job of luring unsuspecting homeowners to their site. The myth is that they are the definitive source of residential real estate values. It’s simply that… a myth! 

How do they get these values and are they accurate?   Zillow uses a method that relies on sales data from public records.  They have computer models that compile data available in the public records.  These computer models well generate an estimate of value.  But public records don’t tell the whole story. They don’t show the condition of the property, or upgrades, or the view from the backyard. They often don’t include porches, decks and finished basements. But most important, the data is six months old.  Here in Loudoun County, Woodlea Manor sales data is often months late in getting to the public record.   Is the “Zestimate” from Zillow accurate? The answer is, maybe. Often it is tens of thousands of dollars off. The problem is that you have no way of knowing!  When Zillow provides you with their Zestimate you are taking a huge leap of faith that it will actually be accurate.  Why even take a chance with the Zestimate?

I see the appeal of Zillow. It allows you, the consumer, to remain behind the scenes while you do your research, using the veil of the internet. Just a few clicks and you can get the information you need without dealing with pushy Realtors. Nobody wants to have a Realtor calling once a week, offering over and over to sell their house. I get it. But after you click for your “Zestimate,” Zillow then sells your contact info to a Realtor for $80, telling you that only a “local expert” can accurately value your property. So you end up exactly where you didn’t want to be in the first place. But now the Realtor, who you have never met or heard of, is calling you a few times a week to determine when you are going to sell your house.

There is a better way of getting the value of your Woodlea Manor property.  I believe there is nobody more qualified to discuss values in our neighborhood than me. At your convenience, I’ll take laser measurements of the house and provide you with an accurate opinion of value. A free, no strings attached, consultation. And I promise you that I will not make a single phone call asking you when you are moving. I will update you regarding the latest market data in Woodlea Manor, but that’s it.

And if you would rather speak with someone else regarding the valuation of your Woodlea Manor property, I’m sure you can find another real estate professional who is familiar with Woodlea Manor.  The important thing is to use someone with local knowledge.  Not a computer program that has no idea of what Woodlea Manor is all about.  Our neighborhood is very unique.  You deserve a proper valuation.

Feel free to call or send me an email. I’m always available to discuss real estate, valuations or the Woodlea Manor.

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