Westpark GC Sold to Developer CalAtlantic Homes

JC Silvey
JC Silvey
Published on November 17, 2017

CalAtlantic Homes is under contract to purchase the Westpark Golf Club with plans for both a commercial property as well as 27 single family homes on the 147 acre parcel.  In 2015 CalAtantic was formed through the merger of Ryland Homes and Standard Pacific.

There are three possible plans for development that are being discussed.

The first possibility is for 27 large, single family lots that would be divided among the entire 147 acres.

The other two possibilities that are being discussed would be to cluster the 27 homes on smaller lots in one portion of the property, and gift 115 acres to the Town of Leesburg for use as town park.

The 15th fairway has been identified as one location.  This fairway backs to Chancellor St in Country Club.  They anticipate it affecting 12 properties that are adjacent to the course.

The 5th fairway is also a possibility for a cluster of 27 homes.  This fairway starts near Bradfield Drive at the boundary between Country Club and Woodlea Manor.  The fairway extends into Woodlea and backs to Hawling Place.

Given the cost to update and maintain the golf course, it does not appear that the Town of Leesburg, nor NOVA Parks has any interest in purchasing the property in it’s current use.




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