What is the difference between paying a 4.5% commission instead of 6.0% to sell your home?
It’s a big number! For a typical home in Loudoun County it’s almost $10,000. For most of us who live in Loudoun, that’s a lot of money.

Much like Uber has changed the landscape for the car service industry, Realtors are being challenged to provide better service at a fee structure that is more competitive.

I have a different business model than most of my fellow agents. It’s to focus hyper-locally on a limited number of markets. I don’t sell homes out in Prince William County or Winchester, and I definitely don’t sell homes in Fairfax or inside the beltway. There are huge efficiencies to be gained with this strategy. And those efficiencies can be passed on to you as my client.

Why focus hyper-locally? I live in Loudoun, work in Loudoun, read about it, blog about it, and study the Loudoun neighborhoods every single day. I don’t need to spend extra time researching the Loudoun County market. I already know it. In fact, I believe I know it better than anyone in the business. I’m not discounting my services or offering to do less work for a lower fee, but rather I’ve made a conscious decision because I honestly feel that it is fair!

If you believe that you that you still need to pay a 6% commission to maximize the amount you “net”, allow me 15 minutes of your time. I think you’ll see that the old rules of selling a home no longer apply.

P.S. My most recent listings in Loudoun County received contracts within a day of going on the market. If you are considering selling your home, I’d be glad discuss a possible list price…. And there is absolutely no obligation.