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Woodlea Manor

Woodlea Manor is on the cusp of a major demographic change. Many of us are looking to downsize from a large house that is no longer filled with kids.   So who will be the potential buyers of our homes? For the most part, it will be young families attracted to all the qualities that originally attracted us.

Maintaining a neighborhood that is both attractive and meets the needs of active young families is not easy, nor inexpensive.   In my opinion our HOA Board has consistently been diligent in maintaining our amenities and fiscally responsible in managing the budget. Our HOA dues are on the low side compared to other communities in the county.

An upgraded basketball court, new playground, resurfaced tennis court, and updated clubhouse bathrooms are all recent examples of our HOA expanding and maintaining the community amenities. Even if you don’t use these amenities, I can assure you, they most definitely influence the value of your home. Much like a strong school system supports home values in Loudoun County, well maintained amenities and common areas support home values in Woodlea Manor

To remain a competitive and desirable neighborhood, the needs of young families should continue to be addressed. We want our younger neighbors to tell their friends what a great community Woodlea is and how it’s the perfect place to raise a family. Woodlea has always done well based on a very positive word of mouth.   This positive word of mouth can’t be assumed.   It has to be cultivated.

Woodlea is in great shape for those looking to sell in the short term, but how it will be perceived five to ten years from now will depend on the decisions we make today. A minimal increase in HOA dues may be appropriate. My hope is that we protect our investment and keep Woodlea one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the county.

I’m motivated purely by the desire to see our property values grow. Don’t hesitate to call me anytime.   I’d be glad to discuss how our HOA dues and the amenities compare to other neighborhoods in Loudoun.

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Update as of April 28, 2016.    Since I wrote this original blog post a few months ago, the Woodlea Manor board did in fact increase the neighborhood dues by $3 a month.  They also approved work for the renovation of the kids pool.    The kids pool that was originally built for the neighborhood was something to be desired.    The new kids pool looks awesome.    It gradually gets deeper and at its center is a fountain.  I believe this a huge upgrade for the neighborhood.  The new kids pool and will be great for young families with kids and the area surrounding the pool will also be more accommodating.   People ask me all the time, “what can I do to increase the value of my Woodlea Manor home?”   In the next ten years, homeowners in the neighborhood will pay an additional $360 in Home Owners Association dues.   There is no better investment you could possibly make to protect your Woodlea home value than paying this nominal increase in dues.  It really is a no brainer!!   Think about it.  What update costs less than $360?  Repainting a room?  A few plants in the back yard?  Maybe some mulch?  For $360 we send a clear message to young new families that we as a neighborhood welcome them and are willing to invest in making this Woodlea a great place to raise a family.