This year, the County will be adopting a version of the Loudoun 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The Plan currently proposes a number of changes in the Blue Ridge, Catoctin and Dulles District’s, specifically in what is considered the Transition Policy Area (TPA).

What is the TPA?

It is an area that lies between the suburban east (e.g., Ashburn, Sterling) and the rural west (e.g., Middleburg, Hamilton) areas of the County and is meant to provide a visual and spatial transition between the two. The latest draft of the Plan turns most of the remaining undeveloped areas of the TPA into high density residential developments and light industrial use (i.e., data centers).

How does it relate to the video?

The video shows where the County’s Planning Commission would permit data centers in the future. This land is in the midst of existing neighborhoods, conservancy land, and horse farms and currently allows for additional neighborhoods, large lot neighborhoods, to be built. While there are a few design standards included in the Draft Plan, they do not ensure another “data center alley” will not be developed in the Evergreen Mills Rd and Sycolin Rd corridors.

What does this mean?

The Plan currently identifies the locations of additional homes and data centers in the TPA, but not the locations of parks, trails and open space which is what residents asked for during the Envision Loudoun process. A few of the top concerns recently heard from residents include the increase in housing density, its impacts on traffic and schools, and the inappropriate expansion of data centers across the County. These concerns should be taken into account. Stay informed and engaged now in order to make your voice heard by the Board of Supervisors when they decide the future vision for the County.

What Happens Next & Key Dates to Remember

The County needs to maintain their commitment to consider public feedback on priorities that should be included in the Plan when it is finalized later this year. Ensure you are fully aware of the options and proposed changes so you can provide meaningful feedback for the Board to consider. Ask your District Supervisor to survey residents in your area to help prioritize needs and sign up to speak at upcoming Public Hearings.

The Planning Commission is expected to present their recommended Plan to the Board of Supervisors in March. Once with the Board, a number of work sessions and public hearings will be held before the Plan is adopted. During these public hearings, the Board will hear public comments on what priorities should be reflected in the Plan.  Public hearings are currently scheduled for Wednesday, April 24, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. and, Saturday, April 27, 2019, at 9:00 a.m. Any changes to these dates and times will be posted on the Loudoun County Government Master Calendar.

Additional information can be found on the County website for the Loudoun 2040 Comprehensive Plan, on the Transition Area Alliance website, and on a variety of Facebook Pages including Loudoun Residents for Reasonable Growth and Keep Evergreen Mills Rd Green.