Breaux Vineyards —Every great night out starts with a great glass of wine.
Loudoun County, the Napa Valley of the East Coast, boasts an impressive collection of vineyards nestled among the Appalachian range, bordering the endless rural landscapes of the western hills and the vibrant urban cityscapes to the east. Breaux Vineyards, a 400-acre estate described as “Loudoun County’s most impressive wine undertaking” by the Washington Post, sets the stage for your afternoon or evening adventures as a sprawling, Italian-eqsue vineyard that feels more at home in the rustic vistas of Naples, with the convenience of a short 30 minute drive from Northern Virginia. The most striking feature of the vineyard is its breathtaking views of expansive skies and rolling mountain hilltops, leaving you feeling exhilarated by its sheer size and scope.
Classic architecture combined with outdoor seating venues supply a range of visual interest for you to peruse while touring the grounds. You could visit a dozen times and never see the same view twice. If you’ve never visited a vineyard before, you will certainly be awed by the seemingly never-ending rows of grape orchards and impressed at the beauty and vibrance of these delicate gardens. What started as a simple hobby in a carriage house, near the original 1750’s Log Cabin that still resides on site, Breaux Vineyards has expanded into what feels like a luxurious and exclusive tryst within a classic, yet modern and opulent, vineyard made just for two. And the family that started it all pays tribute to their Cajun heritage with both hospitality and style as they serve up a fun atmosphere for your group.
During your visit, whether your first or fiftieth, you simply have to enjoy one of their daily tours. Featuring a look around the vineyards, the winery, and of course, the Tasting Room, this tour will surely excite the classic wine connoisseur in you, and leave a good taste in your mouth. And by taste, I mean you simply must sample everything in their exquisite collection, from the dry reds, such as the complex and award-winning Marquis de Lafayette, to the aromatic whites, such as the Gold Medal recipient of the Virginia Wine Lover Magazine’s “Wine Classic Awards” (2013) known simply as Madeleines Chardonnay.
In addition to a daily outing, Breaux Vineyards also hosts private events and weddings, a perfect setting for the big day or business retreat. If you are a recurring guest, you can join the infamous Cellar Club to enjoy discounts on tasting fees, regularly priced food and retail items, and, of course, some great bottles of your favorite vino. Check out some of the beautiful images from their online gallery and you will be convinced that this is where you need to be. Take a step out of the daily hustle and grind, relax in a place lost in time, and rediscover the weekend as you settle in to enjoy a few fun-filled hours being stunned and amazed at Breaux Vineyards.