Coming in late 2017, the highly-anticipated Meadowbrook Farm is proving to be an extremely exciting addition to the community of Leesburg homeowners. The new subdivision will be conveniently located on the south side of town, between Evergreen Meadows and Route 15, right next to Battlefield Parkway and Masons Lane. This spot is out of the way of Leesburg’s main traffic, but still close enough to the center of town to get anywhere with ease. Most families in Leesburg also choose this side of town because of its sense of community; sidewalks and streets are well-lighted, great schools are nearby, and plenty of events are held that bring everyone together.
The 400 homes, while all single-family and on roughly 1/7 to 1/2 acre lots, will range significantly in style, size, and price. Any family, no matter their taste, should be able to find something they are interested in here. The lowest starting point for one of these beautiful homes will be around $650,000.

Amenities and Commercial Space

Along with a great selection of homes, the neighborhood will also include a large amount of recreational space. A few acres are completely dedicated to green space, and there are even plans for a small lake. A neighborhood clubhouse is in the works as well. There is a large focus on Meadowbrook Farms being a pedestrian, family-friendly community. Curb appeal and safety will both be prevalent; one can expect many sidewalks and streetlights. Another great feature of this new development will be the creation of a commercial space. A grocery store will be the centerpiece, and the other spaces will belong to restaurants and retailers. Residents will not have to go far at all in order to get their grocery shopping done, or have a nice dinner.  As of April 2017, this commercial space has not been approved by the Town of Leesburg.

Commuting and Schools

Whether your daily commute is across town or all the way to Washington, DC, Meadowbrook Farms is located so that major roads are easily accessible. Two minutes away is the Leesburg Bypass, making it super quick to hop on Route 7, which runs East to West, or Route 15, which goes North to South. The Dulles Toll Road is right off of Battlefield Parkway, and runs parallel to Route 7. While a little pricey, this road provides a virtually trafficless commute. Depending on the time of day, if one was driving to Arlington or Washington, DC, taking this road could cut out up to a half hour of travel time.
Loudoun County is home to 51 public elementary schools, 14 middle schools, and 15 high schools. Residents of Meadowbrook Farms are zoned for Evergreen Mill Elementary School, Simpson Middle School, and Loudoun County HS, the first high school established in the area. All are less than ten minutes away, and offer a wide variety of classes, including AP (Advanced Placement) courses in high school. For more information, click here: Also offered is C.S. Monroe Technology Center, and Loudoun Academy of Science. Both are for high school students, are a little farther away, must be applied to, and offer a more advanced science and math curriculum. For private schools, there is Loudoun Country Day School right down the road, and Middleburg Academy, about 25 minutes away.

Things To Do

Leesburg is the epitome of variety when it comes to entertainment, food, and shopping. While home to many major retail stores, Leesburg also has the small-town charm of boutiques, antique shops, and family-owned restaurants. Village at Leesburg is a popular town center which includes a Wegman’s and Cobb Movie Theater. One Loudoun is similar, and has a movie theater and dozens of restaurants of a variety of styles and prices to choose from. Historic Downtown Leesburg is only five minutes away from Meadowbrook Farms, and has every unique experience one could want, provided for you by Leesburg families themselves. From grabbing a Chicago-style hot dog at Windy City Red Hots, to watching a band perform at Tally Ho Theater, you’ll never be bored here.
For shopaholics, Leesburg is paradise. The Leesburg Premium Outlet Mall has over 100 upscale clothing and retail stores (such as Nike and Kate Spade) with exceptionally low prices. People flock to the Outlets from miles away during Black Friday and Memorial Day just for the sales. To see the full lineup of stores, click here: 15-20 minutes down Route 7 is the Dulles Mall, and 35 minutes away is Tyson’s Corner, one of the biggest shopping malls in the United States. Downtown Leesburg also has many antique stores and boutiques for a more unique touch.
Leesburg is located in a very historical and scenic part of Virginia. There is a Civil War battle site called Ball’s Bluff on the northern end of town, which includes hiking trails and a scenic view of the Potomac River. Golf courses on a wide spectrum of prices are all over town, including West Park, Goose Creek, and Raspberry Falls. Ida Lee Recreation Center is on the northern side of downtown, and includes an outdoor waterpark as well as plenty of green space, perfect for a picnic. Wine lovers will be pleased to know that Meadowbrook Farms is within a few minutes of about a dozen wineries. Oatlands Plantation also holds many community events on its acres and acres of scenic property. For more information, click here: http://www.oatlands